Nanashi Jones: Personally Anyone
Learning Curve

I’ve had this wild hair up my ass my whole life and I totally got it a few days ago. Watching BBC’s Sherlock and comparing Irene in her movie, TV and literary iterations it dawned on me: this is the club, you’re not welcome.

Which, really, after a lifetime of failing to figure out humanity, this is like- brilliance, I get it.

This is The Club, You’re Not Welcome.

And you know what? I’m cool with that. Because if that’s the attitude, I can deal with that attitude. It’s not hate, it’s not ignorance, it’s just a fact- like gravity or electrons.

This is The Club, You’re Not Welcome.

The worst part about this fact is that everyone wants to be part of The Club. They have the Cool Toys, they have The Big Bucks, they have the Big Chairs. So we, by mere existence of The Club, define our lives by it. Either in acceptance, protest, reaction, subversion, inversion or even (insert girlish titter here), perversion. The Club is all pervasive- you’d have to do a real humdinger of tricks to get beyond and away from The Club.

This is The Club, You’re Not Welcome.

For the longest time I fought as though I could beat The Club. I can’t. I’m just one person and I’m not much of a winner. I also get distracted easily trying to be alive and this eats up a lot of my time. The Club was here before I arrived and will long outlive me even if I don’t like it much. So, I was dying (literally. In that slow, living first before it actually gets here way), but then I finally got what The Club has been trying to tell me my whole life- implicitly, explicitly and all overly.

This is The Club, You’re Not Welcome.

I am Me. I Don’t Give A Fuck.

I highly recommend you do to. The Club only works so long as you believe that you being welcome or not is important. As soon as you have Better Things To Do, The Club is amusingly impotent.

Didn’t like Irene much in the Beeb’s Sherlock? That’s cool. There’s this wicked fanfic called Boston Marriage which is as good as, if not better written than the show and gives me the girls in the Sherlock-verse that I like without all this mucking about the boys do or don’t do.

That’s just the one instance and the current one on my mind. Ignoring an asshole and finding something better to do is always a good rule of life. That said, if The Club comes to your doorstep, if The Club stands there to tell inform you that You Are Not Welcome, let The Club know:

And slam the door in The Club’s face because you have Better Things To Do.